The application requires the following:

(1)   The employer must prove that it is paying at the minimum the prevailing wage;

(2)   The employer has have the ability to pay wages

(3)   The applicant has to have the required university degree to support the education requirement of the position. There is a method to equivocate the education and work experience to a university degree which can be obtained quickly and relatively inexpensively.

(4)   The position must need the educational level of a university degree. In other words a position cannot be created that appears to require a university degree when in fact one is not normally required.

The processing time is a little over 120 days but can be expedited by paying a premium processing fee.

The visa can be renewed for up to 6 years. Each extension is generally three years. If at the end of six tears there had been a labor certification filed prior to the end of the fifth year, the visa can be renewed for additional one year increments.

If the H-1B ends or the employee is fired, the employee must immediately leave the U.S.

Spouse and children will obtain the H-4 visa but are not authorized to work.

H-1B Visa

The applicant can only work for the employer. However the employee can have more than one H-1B if the positions are part time.  The employee can easily switch employers.

After the application is approved a Canadian can go to the US border to obtain the required I-94 card and enter the U.S. The visa can be renewed from inside the U.S. by filing an application and is not subject to any numerical limitation.

H-1B  Specialty Occupation

The H-1B permits the U.S. employer to temporarily (up to six years) employee a foreign national in an occupation having theoretical and practical application of specialized knowledge. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of experience and education.

The challenge people are faced  with when applying for a H-1B visa in this category is that there is an annual cap of 65,000 visa approvals. However the cap does not apply if the applicant has obtained  a master’s degree before filing for the H-1B Visa. The cap is for the year from October until the end of September and applications can be filed in April for the October start date.

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